Long Beach wants to forbid ice cream trucks from playing loud music

CIty Council has received complaints for years

(AP) -- Long Beach is moving to make the sound of summer sweets a little bit softer.
   After years of noise complaints from residents, the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to have the city attorney write an ordinance forbidding ice cream trucks from playing amplified music while parked and selling treats. The council will vote on the changes within 30 days.
   But council members were quick to point out they have nothing against the merry-go-round sounds that have long inspired joy in children and sent them begging parents for change.
   Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal said "we all have fond memories" and "we all love the ice cream trucks."
   Deputy City Attorney Amy Webber tells the Long Beach Press-Telegram (http://bit.ly/10Ma5Sm) that other California cities have codes that are similar or even more restrictive.
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