New California bill would protect gun owners' personal information

Addresses, numbers of holdes kept from public

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that protects the privacy of law abiding citizens who own guns.

Republican assemblymember Dan Logue of Chico says the legislation would  keep addresses and numbers of concealed  weapon permit holders  from the general public.

Right now, gun permit holders’ personal information is available in county sheriff's offices and local police departments.
Last month, the names and addresses of  44,000 gun permit holders were published in a New York newspaper.  

Logue says  that public  information led to a home invasion of a 70-year old man with intent  to steal his firearm.  

He  hopes to prevent  law abiding  California gun owners to be put in the same kind of danger.

Right now, the addresses and names of judges and law enforcement officers are kept confidential.   Assemblymember Logue wants responsible gun owners to be given the same privacy.

If the bill passes, the only information made available would be the name of the person and the permit.

However, names and addresses of gun permit owners would still be available to district attorneys, law enforcement officials and the court system. Logue  believes  the bill  will protect  responsible gun owners from being  ostracized  or  demonized for  simply exercising their second amendment right to bear arms.

The new legislation is expected to go  to a first hearing in the assembly public safety committee in March.

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