New poll shows California voters are most concerned about public safety

Poll found record-high support for gay marriage

(AP) -- A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California shows voters are concerned about public safety as a court battle continues over reducing the state's prison population.
   Nearly half of likely voters surveyed said violence and street crime are problems in their communities. Three in four are concerned that a panel of federal judges will force the state to release thousands of inmates early.
   Those findings were part of a wide-ranging survey released Wednesday. Pollsters interviewed more than 1,700 Californians between Sept. 10 and 17.
   The poll also found record-high support for same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana.
   Those surveyed also expressed uncertainty about the federal health care law as the new insurance exchanges prepare to open next week. Four in 10 likely voters said they do not think the federal health care law will make a difference for their families.
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