Porterville mayor's comments about bullying upset students

PORTERVILLE - The mayor in Porterville is in the hot seat over comments he made about bullying at a city council meeting.

A student group wanted to designate off-campus locations for kids to get help dealing with bullies after school.

Mayor Cameron Hamilton recently said while he is against bullying, "Most people just have to grow a pair and stick up for their damn selves."

Those comments left members of the group Gay Porterville feeling attacked.

"My feelings were really hurt and I was, essentially shocked by the end of it," said Melissa McMurrey with Gay Porterville. "It kind of felt like a little bit of a witch hunt, even though that was not the initial intention, from my understanding, of the Safe Zone project."

McMurrey thinks the comments showed opposition to support of the gay community. Some Safe Zone projects are designed primarily with gay students in mind.

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