Program delivers condoms to teens at their homes

Kids as young as 12 can get condoms delivered

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

Kids as young as 12 in California can now get condoms delivered to their house by going online.

It’s part of a state-run program. Kids between the ages 12 and 19 do not need parental permission, and they can get up to ten condoms a month.

California’s Condom Access Project targets counties with high numbers of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers.

California law allows teens to gain access to contraceptives without parental consent, according to CNN.

State officials tell CNN they are hoping more access to condoms will help power the number of STD cases.

“We really just can't keep our heads in the sand and pretend like there isn't a problem,” said Amy Moy of the California Family Health Council. “It's one more example of the government's intrusion on parental rights.

The program runs on a $5,000 yearly budget paid by federal tax dollars, according to the project. More than 30,000 condoms have been distributed across California so far.