Soda tax proposed to help fight childhood obesity

One-cent per fluid ounce tax

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

If you like soda, you might not like one California lawmaker’s plan to tax the bubbly beverage.

State Senator Bill Monning has introduced a bill that would levy a tax on sweetened beverages in the state, according to CNN.

Monning said the one-cent per fluid ounce “soda tax” is a plan to fight obesity.

It's an excise tax, so the manufacturer would pay it,” said Monning. “We expect it would be passed on to the consumer.  That's one of the goals, because if you raise the price to be equivalent to healthful drinks, you'll reduce consumption, similar to a tobacco tax.

Monning told CNN the money from the tax would go into a state fund to pay for childhood obesity prevention throughout California.

Critics in the food industry said taxes shouldn’t be used to penalize people when they aren’t doing wrong.