Supremacist gets 26 years to life in prison for killing a child molester

Wife will be released from jail in two months

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -  

A Northern California white supremacist convicted of killing a child molester has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison, while his wife -- convicted of being an accessory -- will be released from jail in about two months.
The man, 48-year-old Charles Francis Gaskins was sentenced Friday for the killing of Neil Hayes in 2009.  A probation report says Gaskins was a member of a supremacist group that required its members to attack anybody with a history of child molestation.
Gaskins and his wife -- Sandra Sheaves -- was living in a home she owned in Carmichael when they allowed the 66-year-old Hayes to move in.  Gaskins had met Hayes while they were both serving time in prison.
Prosecutors say when Gaskin and Sheaves confronted Hayes in the garage of the home, Gaskins repeatedly hit him in the head with a large rock.
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