Woman accused of attempted Starbucks poisoning released from jail

Investigators waiting for lab test results

SAN JOSE, Calif. -  

Prosecutors say a Northern California woman who was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak orange juice bottles spiked with rubbing alcohol into a Starbucks in San Jose will be released from jail.
Authorities in Santa Clara County planned to free 50-year-old Ramineh Behbehanian on Thursday because prosecutors had not charged her with a crime within the required 48-hour window following her arrest.
Sean Webby, a spokesman for the district attorney's office, says investigators are waiting for lab test results from the tainted juice.
Behbehanian, a chemist, was arrested Monday after a Starbucks customer reported seeing her take two bottles of orange juice from her bag and place them in a refrigerated display case.
Firefighters tested the bottles and said they contained a lethal quantity of rubbing alcohol.
Behehanian's lawyer, Dennis Lempert, says his client is grateful that she's going home.
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