Thousands expected at Whiskey Flat Days

Kernville celebrates its history

KERNVILLE, Calif. -  

Tens of thousands of people are expected to visit Kernville over the weekend for the 56th Annual Whiskey Flat Days.
Cheryl Borthick, President of the Kernville Chamber of Commerce, told 23 ABC that this year's festival could bring up to $300,000 into the local economy.
"This is our hugest money maker, said Borthick.
Borthick also said Mother Nature is helping them out this year.
"We're really excited about this one because the weather has cooperated with us. We've just really prayed, Lord let us have a few days."
City leaders started Whiskey Flat Days back in 1957 to celebrate the town's history and attract visitors during the winter. It's always held on Presidents Day Weekend.
"Up until Whiskey Flat Days we have a pretty dry season and I don't mean no rain or snow," explained Borthick.
Borthick told 23 ABC the festival keeps the city thriving and businesses afloat after Whiskey Flat Days is over.
The theme this year is "Music on Movie Street." Borthick said the theme is named after the actual Movie Street in Old Kernville where many old westerns were filmed.  Kernville used to be named Whiskey Flat which is  where the name for the festival came from.
The four day event includes 120 vendors with food and crafts, a parade, rodeo, gunfighters, carnival, music and a Whiskey Flat Encampment. Some of the vendors are even non-profit organizations that donate money back to the community.
"I love that it's a fundraiser for our community and an outreach for people to come up and enjoy the rugged beauty that we offer," said Vicki Pufahl.
Pufahl is one of the many visitors 23 ABC spoke to about what they enjoy doing at the festival.
"Shopping!" exclaimed Cassie Short.
"I love looking at the mountains and being in the mountains," said Walter Mecham.
"I love the booths, the jewelry, the food. It's just fun," said Vicki Pufahl.
Pufahl also told 23 ABC that she enjoys buying the books about the Kern Valley area. Pufahl said she really likes the Bob Powers books because they are accurate.
For more information on the event you can visit their website at 
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