Top of the List: Guilt free comfort food and getting guys to wash their hands

Here are the stories people were talking about on July 9, 2013.

1.  A SMORGASBORD OF CONTROVERSY:  This story broke yesterday, but today it’s gone as viral as the bacteria in rotten meat.  A Golden Corral in Florida is under the microscope after an employee posted some disgusting video on YouTube.  In the video, Brandon Huber said: "This is what my company likes to do to get ready for an inspection; they put their food by the dumpster."

Huber claims the food was going to be returned to the restaurant and served.  In a statement, Golden Corral claims the food was destroyed within the hour and Huber helped throw it out.  The manager involved was fired, and Huber is on paid leave.  Some people are calling him the "Edward Snowden of the buffet business," he’ll be asking for asylum at the Denny’s in Venezuela.

2.  HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET A GUY TO WASH HIS HANDS?  A Latvian designer has created a urinal with a built in hands free sink called STAND.  A recent study found only one in 20 people wash their hands long enough to kill germs, and men were the biggest culprits.  A different study found more men are likely to wash if they see signs reminding them. We’re guessing a warning from Siri might help too.  Now we need a study to find out if washing your hands at a urinal is sanitary.

3.  ENJOY ALL THE COMFORT FOOD YOU WANT WITHOUT GAINING A POUND:  We know eating comfort food helps us feel better, now researchers have found drawing pictures of the food can have the same effect.  Pizza had the most positive results, boosting the artists moods by 28-percent; cupcakes were close behind with 27-percent, strawberries came in at 22-percent and peppers were lowest on the list with only a one percent increase.  Maybe if they fired them with onions and put them on a sausage sandwich it would help.

4.  IT'S LIKE HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY MEETS THE SOPRANOS IN A LIFETIME MOVIE:  Divorce can be ugly, so a 21-year-old wife and mother of two came up with a different plan.  Julia Merfeld was caught on tape trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband; problem is the hit man was an undercover officer.  In the video Merfeld said, "As terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him. I didn’t have to worry about the judgment in my family.  I didn’t have to worry about breaking his heart." 

The jaw dropping video goes on and on with even more shocking details, as Merfeld said she didn’t want the "hit" to take place in the house because it would be "messy".  She was also reportedly concerned that the new roommate she had lined up could get spooked and bail.  Merfeld reportedly planned to use her husband’s $400,000 life insurance policy to pay the hit man his $50,000 fee.  The tapes were released after Merfeld plead guilty to attempted murder.  She is scheduled to be sentenced July 30. 

5.  THE LARGEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  The New Century Global Center in China is 61-million square feet, nearly three times the size of the Pentagon.  The ginormous building has theaters, shops, a replica Mediterranean village and its own beach resort. Go for a cup of coffee, stay for a two week vacation!

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