Burglars break into same home twice; homeowner catches break-in on camera

TULSA, Okla. - A quiet east Tulsa neighborhood is the scene of something like in a movie:  A family with a home video surveillance system catches burglars in the act.

"(They) basically ransack the entire home. Went through all the rooms," said Jill Roberson of the Tulsa police Department.

The video reveals every family's nightmare. 

When the family left, the burglars came in.

"When (the homeowner) started to review these video tapes he actually saw these individuals kick in the door of his home," said Roberson.

A short time later, still frames from the video show the three suspects leaving with TVs and a watch in hand.

From there, the story gets even more strange.  Five months later, the burglars come back again to the same house.  This time, they stole only a TV.

"It is unusual for someone to come back and hit that same house especially in that time frame," said Roberson.

And even though both burglaries were caught on tape, the burglars remain on the run, giving them the chance to star in someone else's home movie. 

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