Californians among thousands petitioning White House for state secession

Less than a week after the country voted Barack Obama its returning president, the White House has been inundated with a string of petitions for state secession.

The petitions, located on , typically follow the same phrasing, "We petition the Obama administration to peacefully grant the State of [Blank] to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government."

They also all cropped up shortly after the election.
Texas leads the charge with 71,856 signatures as of 11 a.m. Tuesday, well over the 25,000-vote bar which currently designates an official response from the Obama administration.

Twenty-two states -- including California -- have more than 6,000 signatures on separate petitions.
Protected by the First Amendment, the site allows for a quick and easy petition process. For questions like these, however, the system may not best represent the state citizens' true views.

A quick login and click enables a user to sign a petition without providing in what state they reside. The user is only allowed to sign once.

A response has yet to be made but would also be found on the site.

Nearly a dozen other petitions have reached the 25,000-signature plateau, including a petition outlawing the offense of major religious prophets and one demanding the administration "Recount the Election!"

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