Coins, jewelry strewn across roadway lead deputies to burglarized home

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - An Indiana sheriff’s deputy helped discover a home had been ransacked after coming upon people picking up coins and jewelry in the roadway this week.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said on Friday, a deputy was dispatched to a traffic hazard.

When he got there, the deputy said he saw a couple of elderly individuals and another male picking up material from the roadway.

He said as he exited his car and began walking toward the people, the elderly pair decided to leave the scene. That’s when the deputy noticed a large amount of loose change on the roadway, and not glass, which was originally reported.

The other male on the scene was picking up some of the coins and putting them in his pocket, according to the deputy. He told the deputy he had stopped to help clean up the area.

The deputy said he asked the man if it was his money, and he said it was not. The deputy said he noticed two very large bulges coming from both front cargo pockets of the man’s shorts, and told the man he needed to hand over all the coins he had picked up. The man complied.

After dispatchers were told a brooming vehicle was needed to clean the roadway, the deputy said he began to pick up other miscellaneous items mixed in with all the coins, including jewelry.

In all, the deputy said there was $439.33 in coins retrieved from the roadway. He also said on several items he found the name “Susan” and “Susan Brock.”

He said he looked up and found a Susan Brock in Spillman, Ind., and noticed her listed address.

When deputies headed to that home, they found a broken window, an unsecured front door, and a ransacked house. Deputies said it appeared a brick was used to break out the rear window. They said after investigation, it was highly likely the items on the roadway had been taken from the house.

The owner of the home, Ronald Brock, was out of town and has been in contact with investigators. They hope to learn more about the crime as he returns back to Indiana on Sunday.

No suspects have yet been identified in the case, but the investigation is ongoing.

The sheriff's office said if anyone stopped to pick up change on the roadway in that area this weekend, you must return that change to the sheriff's office.

Investigators also said stopping along a busy highway to pick anything up, let alone coins, is extremely dangerous and you're discouraged from doing so.

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