Facebook auto-play videos could drain smartphone data plan

You may have noticed a growing number of videos on your Facebook news feed.

But those videos that play automatically could take a chunk out of your phone's data plan if you're not careful.

When users scroll past a video in the Facebook news feed on their app, they'll notice it start to play automatically. If you're familiar with the video sharing app Vine, the feel is similar.

Well, that Facebook app auto play can drain your data.

But, there is a solution for smartphone users. For iOS users, head to  the Facebook option under settings. Once that is pulled up, you'll see another settings tab. Click on it and select "Auto play on WiFi only."

Android has a similar option under app settings once you open the Facebook app.

The setting will disable the auto play on the videos and allow it only when you're connected to WiFi, preserving your precious data.

Shout-out to Cnet. They were one of the first sites to report how to disable the auto play videos: http://bit.ly/JByuoW

Read more about the auto-play of ads on Facebook, here: https://newsroom.fb.com/News/776/Testing-a-New-Way-to-Watch-Promoted-Videos-in-News-Feed

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