Indiana brothers helped save mom during seizure

Boys ran to neighbor's house, called 911

COLUMBUS, Ind. - A Columbus mom was celebrating her two young sons Monday evening after she said they made all the right decisions in her time of crisis.

The boys were able to get Bobbi Bowen Rodriguez the help she needed when she unexpectedly had a seizure right as the boys came home from school earlier in September.

The boys had watched their mother’s health deteriorate for several years, but Rodriguez said it all went black for her shortly after the boys came home that day.

Once 8-year-old Nicolas realized what was happening, he quickly dispatched his younger brother Bobby Joe to the neighbor’s house for help.

"I said, 'My mom is having a seizure, can you come help me?' and when I told my friend, literally because he's so worried, he went like this. His eyes went huge,” Bobby Joe said.

Nicolas stayed with Rodriguez and called for help.

“I called 911 and then I just screamed in the phone, I was like, my mom is having a seizure,” Nicolas said.

Crews were able to arrive quickly and Rodriguez was grateful her boys, full of personality and energy, made the right call under pressure.

"When it all came down to it, the same young man that won’t walk down that hallway by himself to go to the bathroom without saying. 'Come on Bobby Joe.' dispatched his brother and stayed here and wouldn't leave my side and I was a little astonished, but I'll be honest with you, it shouldn't surprise me at all because they are two of the smartest people I know," Rodriguez said.

The Rodriguez family said they were also grateful for good neighbors who have stepped in to help since the latest incident.

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