Injured dolphin learns how to paint

GULFPORT, Miss. - Scientists consider dolphins to be the second most intelligent animals in the world.

Dolphins aren't just smart, and one dolphin rescue facility is helping them exercise their creativity as well.

A dolphin that was found near death three years ago off the shores of Alabama has not only healed but is learning how to paint like Picasso.

Chance the dolphin has a spinal injury and will never be released into the wild. Dolphins need constant stimulation, so his trainers have started to teach him and two other dolphins, Bo and Buster, how to paint.

They use Styrofoam pool noodles to help create their masterpieces.

"He constantly wants to be moving, he doesn't want to stand still for any amount of time," said dolphin trainer Lisa Crawford. "He wants to learn new things, he wants to move around, and he just really likes to have fun."

The public is also invited to join in on the fun if they have a reservation. For $75 you can hold the small canvas and paint with one of the dolphins.

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