Jobs report better than expected

Unemployment falls to 7.5, 4 year low

Signs that the job market is continuing to recover surfaced today.

The Labor Department said today that employers added 165,000 jobs in April.

That pushed the national unemployment rate to 7.5 percent, a four year low.

"So really, the whisper number was closer to 120,000 or something like that and so to Come in 165, that is great," said Jack Macke of Yahoo! Finance.  "I don't think the economy is in great shakes.  I think we are doing better than the rest of the world and for now that's good enough."

And there's more positive news, the Labor Department revised the previous two jobs report upward.

Instead of a disappointing 88,000 new positions in March, it now said in that month U.S. employers added 138,000 jobs.

The report said a good portion of the new jobs added in April were in professional and business services leisure, retail, and healthcare.

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