Mom creates Facebook page Glasses for Noah to help 4-year-old adjust

Meet the world's most adorable 4-year-old. His name is Noah (although he reminds us a bit of the kid from Jerry Maguire).

But that's beside the point. Recently, Noah was feeling self-conscious about getting glasses until his mom turned to Facebook for help.

She created the page Glasses for Noah - a place for you to support the little red-haired cutie.

The page, which had well over 6,000 likes as of Friday afternoon, reads "Our sweet 4-year-old, Noah, just got glasses and is having a hard time adjusting. Let's show him just how cool glasses really are!"

The result is overwhelming. Photos are rolling in from all over the world, showing Noah that the coolest thing a kid or grownup can do, is just be themselves.

In fact, at 9:15 a.m. Friday Noah's mom posted, "Thank you SO much for all of the photos - Noah is LOVING them!! Facebook won't let me share any more of your pictures at the moment - but please keep them coming! Y'all are amazing and we would give each of you a hug if we could!!!"

And we'd hug you right back. Great work, mom.

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