Monday marks week three of George Zimmerman trial

Defense to start presenting their case

(AP) -- Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial now will hear the defense's presentation after listening for two weeks as prosecutors made their case.
   Zimmerman's attorneys will continue calling witnesses Today. That could include some of the same neighbors and investigators called by prosecutors.
   The defense called its first two witnesses Friday after prosecutors rested and Judge Debra Nelson denied a request for acquittal.
   Zimmerman's mother and uncle testified that it was Zimmerman screaming for help on a 911 call that captured the fight between Zimmerman and 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
   Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder for fatally shooting Martin. He is claiming self-defense.
   Still uncertain is whether Zimmerman will testify.
   Jurors already have heard his account through videotaped police interviews played in court.
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