Neiman Marcus unveils annual Christmas book expected to be full of extravagant gifts

Neiman Marcus releases annual Christmas book today

DALLAS, Texas - DALLAS (AP) -- If you're in search of an extravagant holiday gift, something like a $1 million fountain, look no further.
   Dallas-based luxury retailer Neiman Marcus will be offering up ideas when it unveils its annual Christmas Book today. The catalog is known for featuring expensive and often outrageous "fantasy gifts."
   Last year's offerings included a $420,000 tour of European flower shows on a private jet and a $250,000 handcrafted mahogany speedboat.
   The catalog has "his and hers" gifts, which have included everything from airplanes to camels. Last year's "his and hers" offering was a $1 million fountain featuring two underwater robot nozzles programed to make the water "dance" to music.
   This year's catalog will be the department store chain's 86th edition

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