Newtown task force to decide what to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School

First meeting and possible vote scheduled Friday

NEWTOWN, Conn. -  

(AP) -- A Newtown task force is set to take up the question of what to do with the school where 20 first-graders and six educators were killed in December.
   The board of 28 town elected officials is scheduled to meet today and may vote on a recommendation.
   The task force has narrowed the choices down to two: renovating or rebuilding on the existing Sandy Hook Elementary School site where the killings occurred, or building a new school on property near the existing school.
   Town residents have expressed mixed opinions on whether the Sandy Hook school should be torn down or renovated.
   Students have been attended classes in a renovated building in neighboring Monroe that was renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School.
   The panel's recommendation would go to a local school board for approval.
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