Shot glasses given to students as prom gifts

Shot glasses given out at prom

JERMONE, Idaho -  

A prom gift given out a an Idaho high school is causing controversy.


Students who attended  Jerome's junior senior prom over the weekend were given a commemorative shot glass to take home, according to CNN.


"It's just a little piece of memorabilia and that's what it was intended for," said Principal Ryan Bowman. "It wasn't intended by the students nor any faculty members that says we condone alcohol and we condone underage drinking. That's not what we stand for."


Bowman told CNN that the students went with a smaller glass which happened to be a shot glass because the funds were not available to purchase a larger one.


"The kids who were involved with that decision are great kids," Bowman said.  "It wasn't done as a prank and I trust the kids, I do believe from the adult perspective is we didn't follow through looking at what it was."


The student planning committee ordered the shot glasses. But Bowman told CNN the purchase order just read 'MUGS'. And that there was no mention of shot glasses. Bowman calls it a pure oversight on the school.


Students CNN talked to had mixed reaction. One said: "If I got a shot glass at prom, I would definitely be encouraged to use it afterwards. There's really only one purpose for a shot glass."


Another student said: "At first I was little surprise that we were given those, but I didn't think it was a big deal either because I know a lot of people who collect them for fun."


The school told CNN it is reviewing its procedure when it comes to orders involving the student body.