Silk Road returns to web after Fisher teen's purchase and FBI raid

One month after the FBI proclaimed it had shut down an anonymous online marketplace called “Silk Road,” a new version has appeared on the Internet with drugs, phony passports and other items for sale.

The Call 6 Investigators first reported on “The Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace” in May when a Fishers, Ind., teenager was arrested on charges of buying illegal drugs, which were shipped directly to his family’s home in the mail disguised as a cartoon DVD.

Federal agents seized the site early last month, posting a message where the online portal’s front page had previously been located, announcing that the site had been seized. The suspected mastermind behind Silk Road was arrested in California, but Ross William Ulbricht, 29, has denied the charges.

Social media sites like Reddit and Twitter lit up Wednesday with Internet observers reporting they had found a new version of Silk Road now up and running. The site called itself “Silk Road 2.0” and contained a message that read, “We rise again.”

A British newspaper reported it found phony passports and drugs for sale on the new site.

Ulbricht has been transferred from California to New York to await trial on federal conspiracy, computer hacking and narcotics trafficking charges. Federal agents said they tracked $1.2 billion in transactions on the original site, which uses an anonymous technology that makes it difficult to track individual users.

The new Silk Road portal uses a similar anonymous technology, which requires users to download a special web browser that masks the identity of computers that log onto the site.

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