Supermarket collapse in Latvia takes more than 50 lives

RIGA, Latvia - The death toll from the collapse of a crowded Latvia supermarket roof has risen to 52 and the rescue operation has resumed after a temporary halt, rescue workers said Saturday.

Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman Viktorija Sembele said some 300 square meters (3,200 square feet) of ruins -- approximately one-sixth of the total damaged area -- remained to be searched.

Sembele said there was a chance more victims could be foundĀ  but the area is particularly dangerous because of the risk of further collapse.

Rescue workers decided to stop the operation early Saturday and consult with engineers before continuing, the spokeswoman said.

The supermarket roof fell Thursday evening in the Latvian capital of Riga as customers were doing after-work shopping. At least 36 were wounded, including 11 firefighters, and 29 were hospitalized as of Saturday morning, Sembele said.

Preliminary reports indicate the roof caved in due to either faulty construction or building activities on the roof, where workers were creating a garden area and children's playground.

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