Taxpayers foot bill for lawmakers' coffee

Report: $2 million spent on coffee, food last year

You can call it a coffee jolt out of Congress. New numbers show that members on both sides of the aisle love their cup of joe. So much so, that it’s costing taxpayers thousands, if not millions of dollars.

A government watchdog group called the Sunlight Foundation reported that  taxpayers are picking up the tab for everything from coffee to bagels. The Sunlight Foundation told ABC News that the House of Representatives spent nearly two million dollars on coffee and food last year alone.

Republican Speaker John Boehner spent $64,000, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spent $61,000 and the biggest spender in the House was Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield spending $95,000 and another $4,000 for bottled water, according to ABC News.

McCarthy was asked about the spending but refused ABC’s request for an interview. 23ABC News was unable to reach the congressman.

McCarthy’s office told ABC News they have made cuts, but provided no numbers.