Ukraine defies Russian aggression at Sochi Paralympics, Obama plans talks with Ukraine PM

Although tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to grow, Ukraine is willing to show defiance against President Vladimir Putin's aggression.

Ukrainians took the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia as a chance to show Putin they are willing to put up a strong fight for their country. Ukraine sent out their flag-bearer during the opening ceremonies, directly in front of Putin.

A medalist from Ukraine showed her country's strength as well, as she dedicated her award to a peaceful and independent Ukraine.

This comes as mounds of land mines are placed on the Russia-Ukraine border and nearly 60 military trucks - believed to be Russian - move into Crimea. 

While these events continues to unfold, President Barrack Obama has met and held conference calls with various world leaders regarding the conflict.

The White House has asked that Russia withdraw its troops from Crimea. 

Russia's lack of interest in following these orders has led Obama to have close meeting with allies in order to show the United States' commitment and support for Ukraine and surrounding countries. 

Further reports say that Obama will be hosting a meeting at the White House with Ukraine's Prime Minister on Wednesday to discuss the situation. 


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