VIDEO: Principal charged with being 'super drunk', police video shows her getting out of handcuffs

NOVI, Mich. (WXYZ) - She was suspended from her position as the principal of Novi's Deerfield Elementary School, and now Kim Warren, 44, has been charged under the city 'Super Drunk' ordinance.

Action News has obtained police video that shows Warren sitting in the back seat of the scout car then slipping out of the handcuffs. She is then seen trying to hand the cuffs to the officer who tells her to hang on to them and not to throw them out of the window.

Novi Police say the results of two breathalyzer tests showed Warren registered .21 and then .20, more than twice the legal limit.

On Monday, Warren was arraigned on a charge of High Blood Alcohol Content (Super Drunk) and Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle.

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The arresting officer found an open bottle of vodka under Warren's feet when police arrested her in the parking lot of Deerfield Elementary at 1:00 p.m. on April 8.

Two citizens called 911 to report a driver swerving on Wixom Road near Grand River Avenue and then pulling into the school parking lot.

No one was injured.

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