What ate a 9-foot great white shark? Mystery may be solved ahead of Smithsonian documentary

Everyone's been wondering what could have possibly attacked and eaten a 9-foot great white shark, but has the mystery been solved?

A team filming a Smithsonian documentary tagged and tracked a large great white shark found in the waters near Australia, according to Yahoo. They planned to document their findings based on what the shark's tracker recorded over time.

Watch a trailer for the documentary below.

The tracker was found washed ashore by someone on the beach, puzzling those involved. Where did the shark go?

Yahoo reports that they found that the tracker had been to surprising depths in the ocean, but that it had also remained at a high temperature. In fact, the temperature was high enough to only be possible if the shark was inside the stomach of another animal, reports say.

Internet users who heard the story guessed that a squid or whale had eaten the shark, or even mythological creatures that you would only find in a horror movie.

Researchers believe they know what may have swallowed the great white shark.

A SPOILER may be below.

USA Today reported Monday that a "colossal cannibal great white shark" may have been the culprit, possibly over territorial issues.

Colossal cannibal great white sharks can grow to 16 feet long and weigh two tons, according to a popular Australian website. Studies of these giant sharks seem to match what seems to have happened to the smaller shark crews originally tagged.

The Smithsonian's documentary "Hunt for the Super Predator" is scheduled to air June 25, covering some of the ocean's most terrifying predators.

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