What would you do if the bank you're in gets robbed?

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A man walks into a bank. He hands the teller a note demanding money. If you were in that bank, would you know what to do?

The Cleveland Branch of the FBI believes the best thing you can do is pay attention to detail.

"Be aware of their voice, what they said, what they are wearing, their race and their height and weight," said Vicki Anderson, spokeswoman for the law enforcement agency.

The one thing she does not encourage is trying to be a hero.

"Observe everything [you] can without interfering. We don't suggest anyone try and approach the individual that are in the bank or try to intervene in any way," she said. "You never know what that individual is going to do."

The robber at a Lakewood, Ohio, Key Bank gave the teller a note, which claimed he planted a bomb at Lakewood High School. Police and K-9s searched the school, but found nothing. During this time of year, bank robberies tend to increase, but law enforcement believes it has little to do with celebrating the holidays.

"There is nothing that indicates why," said Anderson. "We don't believe it's people going out Christmas shopping."

The robber, who is still on the loose, walked into the bank with no real disguise except for a white Yankees cap, some glasses and a green jacket. Not concealing one's face works for the FBI.

"I don't really know what they are thinking, but there are cameras and we're glad those people walk in without masks," said Anderson.

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