Utah mother gives birth to 14-pound baby, setting a United States record

Utah - A mother who gave birth to a whopping 14-pound baby boy spoke to ABC News about her pregnancy .

To date, Joel Brandon Jr. is the biggest baby delivered in the U.S. in 2013.

Baby JJ came into the world six months ago a week early.

JJ's mother, Sara Brandon, said big babies run in her family.

Doctors said Sara's Type 1 diabetes likely contributed to JJ's size.

"The last ultrasound showed around 11 pounds so we thought, yeah, we'll probably have a 10 maybe 11-pound baby at the most," said Sara Brandon. "And then, when he came out and put him on the scale and it said 14, we were ALL like really shocked."

JJ skipped newborn clothes and jumped straight to wearing size 12 months.

At six months old, he now weighs 24 pounds -- only two pounds shy of what each of his 2-year-old twin sisters weigh.

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