Bear cruising up and down California coast in Lamborghini turns heads for a good cause

Proceeds from video to help feed homeless

SAN DIEGO - A bear riding in a Lamborghini up and down the California coast is turning a lot of heads.

Dozens of people swarmed the car when it pulled up outside of the restaurants at 5th Avenue and Market Street in downtown San Diego on Wednesday.

"I was pretty close to it," said Zac, who spotted the bear while he was eating dinner with friends. "It may or may not have been a real bear. It's hard to tell."

The stunt became a viral sensation after someone snapped a photo in Huntington Beach and posted it to the social media site Reddit.

"Come on," said Jake Westoff in downtown. "If that was real, that could have gone bad at any second. If it was real, the person driving ... There's no way."

The local man behind the "Lam-BEAR-ghini" is a viral video expert. Justin Lyons teamed up with other YouTubers to pull off the prank.

"We just like getting a rise out of people," said Lyons. "Making someone laugh is what counts."

Lyons said his videos make money from the ads that run on YouTube. They plan to donate the money they make from this stunt to help feed the homeless over the holidays.

Watch video of the "Lam-BEAR-ghini" in Huntington Beach below (mobile users:

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