What's Trending: Mad Men is back

Mix up a pitcher of martinis and put on your least comfortable undergarments because the 6th season of Mad Men is coming back this Sunday night on AMC and we are psyched. To get into the spirit of things, we're trying on some retro trends. What if what was trending back in Don Draper's heyday was trending now?

Rolling Stone calls "Mad Men" the greatest TV drama of all time. Suburban ennui, existential discomfort, shifting social norms, those are just a few of the long list of things keeping us riveted to the goings on at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Oh, and watching them do stuff in the office that might not fly in today's corporate world...

That's right, the drinking. The full-throttle, non-stop, unapologetic on the job drinking.

And if that wouldn't go down as smooth as a gimlet in today's workplace, how about this "Mad Men" staple?   The constant sexual harassment.

Fun fact: The phrase "sexual harassment" didn't exist until 1974.    

The "Mad Men" can be big chauvenists and the women of "Mad Men "can be just as big when it comes to their big hair.  Yup, it's maxi hair, mini skirts, and despair to spare.   

Identity, maternity, ambition, confusion AND gender politics will all no doubt be starring on AMC's two hour premiere Sunday.  Intense characters and gripping drama make this story timeless, even if some of the trends ... are not.

Mad Men's return, it's what's trending.


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