What's Trending: Sun protection using SPF clothing

Playing outside is a big part of summer, and so is sunscreen, but SPF clothing is taking over where greasy hands and squirming kids leave off.  Dr. Trevor Thompson is a dermatologist and he recommends the suits. He actually uses them on his own kids.

Several reasons make the list of why these suits can be beneficial.

Safe for everyone:  Dr. Thompson recommends children under the age of one to avoid the use of sunscreen, making SPF clothing the perfect solution.  They are also great for older children and adults to prevent burns and slow down the aging process.

Money saving:  Children’s clothing pieces run about $15 - $20 and you can find them at most major retailers. With each bottle of sunscreen costing roughly $10 you’ll save money after a few trips to the pool.  If you can pass them down to other children, you’ll enjoy even bigger savings.  The suits can lose some of their protection if the material is stretched too thin, or washed too much.  Dr. Thompson recommends holding the material up to the sun or light in a store to determine how much protection you will get.  A good rule of thumb, the less light coming through the more sun will be blocked.

Peace of mind:  Knowing your child is protected in and out of the water without reapplying sunscreen is priceless, and no more waiting 30 minutes after applying for the sunblock to kick in. 

Be warned, these suits are handy but they aren’t always the easiest to put on the little ones; you may have to withstand some crying during the wardrobe change, but it will likely be better than the one you hear slathering them up with sunblock.

Safety first using SPF suits because it’s What’s Trending.



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