White House pulls April Fools prank with Kid President Robbie Novak

WASHINGTON - The White House, busy with its annual Easter Egg Roll, also managed to pull off an April Fools' prank.

The White House Twitter account announced earlier Monday to be on the lookout for a "special video message from the president."

Instead, viewers got a surprise visitor to the press briefing room.

The piece began with a shot of the familiar lectern regularly used by press secretary Jay Carney. It was empty as the presidential entrance march played. Then a small head peeked over the edge of the stand.

"It looks like you were expecting somebody else."

Indeed. It was Robbie Novak, who plays "Kid President" in a series of popular YouTube videos.

"April Fools on all of you all," he said.

The video also ends with a clip of Novak saying, "I made it to the White House! I'm here! Peace!" and shows him playing with the video monitor that displays at the lectern.

"I don't know what this is doing, it's kinda like an iPad and showing it's the White House, and it's telling me to click it, so I am," Novak said.

Another voice in the room tells him, "Don't click it!"



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