Why plummenting PC sales is good news for buyers

What's the Deal? with Conor Knighton



Things are not okay for the PC.  PC shipments fell 14 percent worldwide last quarter.  That's the sharpest decline since the research firm IDC started tracking PC sales back in 1994.

There are a few reasons PC sales are down.

  • Some analysts are blaming the drop on the lackluster debut of Microsoft's Windows 8.
  • Surging sales of tablets and smartphones are also cutting into the PC market. 
  • Apple did better than rivals like HP and Dell, but it still saw a decline in computer shipments. 
  • PC ultra books haven't done as well as was expected, and it's not clear what could kickstart sales. 

For shoppers, this might be good news.  All those PCs that aren't selling will go on sale. 

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