Woman busted with dead and dying puppies from Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A woman with dead and dying puppies has been busted in Ventura County and the animals came from the Kern County animal shelter.

Ventura County authorities said they took two dead dogs and 18 sick or dying dogs out of the facility in Simi Valley.

Kern County officials said they didn’t know there was a problem with puppies they had given to a Ventura County dog rescue until 23ABC told them about it.

Kern County officials said the woman running the rescue, Penny Dulaff, has valid nonprofit status with the IRS and recent checks on her came up clean.

Ventura County authorities said the two dead dogs died of parvo.

They also seized 18 live dogs, some of them are very sick with parvo and may not survive.

Kern County confirm the animals came from them but said the dogs had already been given the first of three required parvo vaccines and one was even spayed.

Because parvo is so contagious and can take up to two weeks to show symptoms, Kern County officials said it is impossible to tell if the puppies had parvo when they left here.

Ventura County officials said Dulaff had been out of compliance before but always corrected the problems.

They said this is the first time they have had to take animals from her and the first time she has been cited.

Ventura County officials said Dulaff could face criminal charges in the case.

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