Woman Scams Victim Out Of $1k With Fake Gold Bar

The Bakersfield Police Department is asking for the community's assistance in identifying two people accused of fraud.

Officers said that on Nov. 3, a woman spoke with a victim while shopping at Big Lots, 3580 Wilson Road.

She asked the victim for help finding a place she could sell several gold bars so she could raise money for an emergency operation for her father.

A man then approached the two women and offered to help.

The man then took one of the gold bars from the woman and seemingly went next door to the Kmart.

When he returned, he handed the female suspect a large sum of money and said he was able to sell the gold bar to Kmart for $12,000.

He said he could not sell another gold bar until after 5 p.m. at Kmart., because the business would not have that amount of cash on hand again until then.

The female suspect then convinced the victim to purchase a gold bar for $1,000 because she needed the money sooner than that and accompanied her to the bank to obtain the money.

The victim made arrangements with the man to accompany her to Kmart to sell the gold bar after five and he never showed up. The victim contacted Kmart and learned they do not buy gold. The victim also discovered the bar she purchased from the female suspect was not actually gold.

The public is warned that this scam has happened locally several times. Anyone with information regarding the suspects in this case is encouraged to call Detective Galland at 326-3858.

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