Self-Service Kiosk Unveiled At Bakersfield DMV

Equipment Aimed To Speed Up Customer Service

For those who are tired of waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get their vehicle registrations renewed, a new piece of equipment at the downtown location will help change that.

Many customers said they usually wait in line at the DMV for 20 to 40 minutes or more.

Now, many customers will be fast-tracked to get their vehicle registrations renewed. The DMV of F Street is now equipped with a new self-service terminal.

Customers waiting for service at the DMV usually stand in line and wait for an automated voice calling their assigned numbers. However, that's a call they won't have to wait for or a line they won't have to stand in, if they get their vehicles registered at the DMV on F Street.

The new machine is designed to get vehicle registration cards and tags into a customer's hands within minutes without waiting for a DMV representative.

"It's a self-service terminal. It's able to generate the registration card with the sticker. The sticker has the license plate number on it, which makes it more private for the customer, and that's it. They're done," said Karen Ramos, a DMV representative.

Many customers said the new self-service terminal is as easy to use as an automatic teller machine at a bank. Other customers said they are in and out in minutes, and waiting in line at the DMV may be a thing of the past.

"You don't have to wait in a long line. You come in and put your information in the machine, then you put your money in and you get everything real fast," said Gina Thompson, a DMV customer.

All customers need to do is bring in the renewal notice, the registration card or their license plate number to start the process. If they need a smog check, the kiosk can handle that, too.

"You can go ahead and pay for the renewal at the self-service terminal. After you mail the smog certificate to Sacramento, your new sticker will be mailed to your address. The convenience is still there," said Ramos.

There are already 33 self-service terminals throughout the state; Bakersfield's SST brings that number to 34. The new kiosk at the DMV on F Street was the latest one to be added.

The first SST was installed in October, 2010 at the South Sacramento office. Following six months of proven success, additional terminals were placed at 24 southern California locations. As of November 25, 2011, customers have used SST’s to complete 391,807 transactions. The DMV serves an estimated 30 million customers at 169 offices annually.

More SST's are expected to be put into operation in California next year.

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