Boy Struck By Cars While Riding Bike Wakes From Coma

Derrick Sareeram Recovering In ICU; Parents Plead For Public's Help

Kimberly Jackson can't bear to remember the events of Tuesday morning when her 17-year-old son, Derrick Sareeram, was hit by two cars.

"He was covered in blood," said Jackson.

Police say Derrick was riding his bike in the wrong direction at Garces Circle.

"I guess he went off the curb and into the lady who was driving around the circle and hit her window. He flipped over her car, and another car sideswiped him," said Jackson.

Derrick broke his neck in three places, fractured his skull, has bruising and bleeding of the brain, and his ear was partially torn off. He has been in Kern Medical Center's intensive care unit for nine days, where he was put in a coma and then developed pneumonia and a staph infection.

"We know what ICU's going to cost us," said Jackson.

Derrick's family has no Medi-cal, no insurance and no way of paying for his ambulance and medical bills.

"I know my kid was probably in the wrong. But he's still young. He's got his whole life ahead of him, and we appreciate anything anyone can do to help," said Jackson.

Derrick has woken up from his coma and is recovering well. He does not remember the crash, but police hope others remember the story.

"This is just another example of bicycles and cars being in the same path and road. Bicyclists and drivers have remember to be cognizant of eachother. In this case, the bicyclist was riding the wrong way. We want to remind bicyclists you are subject to the same rules of the road as a car. Travel in the same direction, obey traffic signs and laws. This (situation) is unfortunate," said Bakersfield police Sgt. Allan Abney.

If you would like to help Derrick's family, you can email Kimberly Jackson at

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