H1N1 Vaccine Demand Plummets, Another Outbreak Wave Expected

Decrease In Vaccination Demand May Lead To Deadlier Outbreaks

It was only a few months ago that lines at swine flu vaccine clinics wrapped around the block as people clamored to get their H1N1 shot. But now, that interest has dwindled. "I don't plan on getting the vaccine shot because I think it's over exaggerated at this point," said Larry Hixon.

"No I haven't gotten the swine flu shot because I don't believe in them I never had pneumonia in my life and I got a pneumonia shot and the next week I got pneumonia so I believe whatever is going to happen is going to happen. It's left up to God not shots," said Dorothy Watts.

The Public Health Department says demand for the vaccine has plummeted. When the first clinic was held officials administered 1,500 shots and turned away 200-300 because there weren't enough vaccines.

In one of its most recent clinics, only 400 out of 600 shots were given out. Even local drugstores like Walgreens says they've have seen a decline in demand.

Officials say just because media attention has died down, it doesn't mean the virus has.

"It comes in waves and a number of waves sometimes spread months or more apart so even though there's a lull right now, we remain concerned that in coming months it may present an equal if not greater threat to our community," said Public Health Director Matt Constantine.

So far 217 people have been hospitalized for swine flu and 21 have died. That's why it is very important that people continue to protect themselves.

"H1N1 is still a threat we face in our community. So we remain concerned," said Constantine.

The next two swine flu clinics will be on Feb. 19 and 21. For the location and time you can call the Public Health Department at 1-877-81VIRUS.

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