Accused Animal Hoarder Officially Charged With Animal Cruelty

Duain Preitz Facing Seven Counts Of Animal Cruelty

An arrest warrant has been issued for Duain Preitz, the Rosamond man found with 215 dogs on his property in January. Preitz was arrested on Jan. 6 after Animal Control seized the animals from his property.

While he was taken into custody, Preitz was never charged with anything until Wednesday.

After all the animals were taken from Preitz's home, a makeshift shelter was set up at the fairgrounds while Kern County Animal Control assesed each and every animal and then submitted their case to the District Attorney.

The D.A. sent his file back saying there wasn't enough information for them to file charges.

"We asked Animal Control to take a look at some very specific issues," said Michael Yraceburn, Supervising Deputy District Attorney. "Once those were resolved, we were able to review the case in detail."

On Wednesday, the D.A. charged Preitz with seven counts of animal cruelty.

While the Preitz case is far from over, Yraceburn, who has been prosecuting animal cruelty cases since 1994, said these types of stories come across his desk far too often.

"We've seen this case before," said Yraceburn. "We've had several other hoarding cases that we've prosecuted here. This office has been very diligent about it. So this is just another one of those we're taking very seriously. Kern County is not a haven for hoarders to be in."

As of Wednesday night, the arrest warrant remains outstanding. If convicted of all seven charges, Preitz could face a maximum of five years, eight months in jail.

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