Kimi Peck Says She Will Not Apply For CUP

The Board of Supervisors ruled unanimously on Tuesday that Kimi Peck’s home wasn’t in compliance with county zoning laws, and while the county wants her to get a Conditional Use Permit, Peck said the home, which has been in foreclosure, was auctioned off Tuesday.

Peck said, "My answer is a Conditional Use Permit where? What address should I use? This house no longer has anything to do with me.”

Peck relocated to the Bear Valley Road home owned by Susan Marlowe after she was forced to leave her Water Canyon home after she did not apply for a CUP last June.

Tuesday, Supervisor Don Maben said she could have avoided all of this if she would have just applied for a CUP last year.

"We wouldn’t be here today if you would be listened to their advice and filed for a Conditional Use Permit because actually, you’ve picked a very good location to move your dogs to. As I asked earlier, have there been any complaints from neighbors as such we had at Water Canyon and the answer is no, it's strictly a zoning issue," said Maben.

But while the Board of Supervisors said it is purely a zoning issue, Peck said for her, it’s a matter of principle.

“I’m a very principle minded person and I am not going to give into something I do not believe is right," said Peck.

So, instead of applying for the CUP, Peck said she, a couple of employees and the dogs will instead load up in a fifth wheel and RVs and road trip cross country raising awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

Peck said, "We’ll just go across country and show people in person what can happen when you don’t spay and neuter your dogs. It’s so important, and I don’t want to get on a soap box, we’re going to make this trip fun, we’re going to have adventures, we’re going to go to the Crystal Caverns in Arkansas, we’re going to go to Disneyworld, we’re going to have a wonderful time.”

During Tuesday's session, Peck also accused the Board of Supervisors of corruption, and she said she is planning on suing the county for everything she has been put through the past couple of years.

Peck only has 30 days to apply for a CUP before being fined $5,000 and then $500 a day until she complies.

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