Tehachapi Students Help Feed Local Pets In Need

Carden School Collecting Food Until Friday

The Carden School of Tehachapi began a career building skills class this year, and one of the components of the class is community service.

The class decided to lend a much needed helping hand to the Tehachapi Humane Society just in time for the holiday season.

The holiday season is a time for giving, but many times people forget about the needs of abandoned pets, so the school wanted to raise their voice about the importance of helping our four legged friends.

Seventh grader Jacob Estes said, "The pets don’t have any food and the people sometimes aren’t willing to buy food and they could use some good donations to the homeless dogs.”

The school decided to help the humane society when they found out they were only four small bags away from running out of food.

Kerrin Clenard, the teacher who organized the pet food drive said, “The Humane Society had actually completely run out of food and was in dire need of donations.”

The Humane Society said the help couldn’t have come at a better time.

Iris Lehr said, “This is just, I can’t even thank them enough." President of the Tehachapi Humane Society Sharon Cornelison continued, "Monday we came in and emptied what they took in one day just to be able to have some available.”

The drive has been going on all week and has kept the students busy making posters, writing skits, and singing songs all in an effort to promote the pet food drive .

Fifth grader Matthew Estes said, "I like helping the animals, it’s really fun. Just getting the feeling like you can help the animals; some might be starving and you could be feeding them and help them get homes.”

Not only are the kids having fun with the drive, but they understand the importance of helping those in need.

“I think it’s really great because they are really needy right now and not many people are helping them,” said sixth grader Mia Bonham.

The drive will be finishing up tomorrow, if you would like to donate some pet food you can drop it off at the Carden School located in Old Towne or any of the following locations:

Bear Valley Country Store City Slickers Albertson's Baskin Robbins Quizno's Hemme Hay and Feed

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