Tehachapi Woman Relocates Hundreds Of Animals

Kimi Peck Avoided A $500 A Day Fine

A Tehachapi woman has relocated her collection of nearly 200 dogs to a new home in the Bear Valley Area just ahead of the deadline handed down by county supervisors.

Kimi Peck and her volunteers spent the past two weeks moving dogs, cats and even chickens to a new location after supervisors back in March declared her Tehachapi property to be a public nuisance.

There were pens and kennels setup inside the home and in the garage Tuesday, when ABC23 went to the property.

Many of the dogs ran around outside at her former home causing some neighbors to complain about the noise and smell.

Peck said she's excited about the new home but sad that the dogs will be locked up.

County code compliance investigator Al Rojas said all the animals were gone this morning.

Peck avoided a potential $500 a day fine by the county.

Rojas said they will continue to monitor the situation at the new location.

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