UPDATE: Tehachapi Woman Relocates Hundreds Of Animals

Peck's New Home Previously Owned By Cynthia Gudger

On Tuesday, Kimi Peck relocated her 200 some odd dogs to a new home just outside of Bear Valley Springs after her Tehachapi Water Canyon home was declard a public nuisance.

But ABC23 has learned that Peck’s new home used to be occupied by accused animal hoarder Cynthia Gudger.

Peck's Los Angeles based accountant Susan Marlowe owns the property on Bear Valley Road and while Peck said Gudger did live on the property, she said that is where the similarites stop.

Peck said neither her nor Marlowe know Gudger personally, but Peck said after Marlowe purchased the home someone apporached her about a woman who needed a place for her and her animals.

Peck said Marlowe allowed Gudger to use the warehouse on the property which is where Gudger was eventually arrested for animal cruelty.

But Peck said she has absolutely no ties to Gudger, and plans to make the property into a safe haven for her animals -- at least for the time being.

“You just sage it, you clear the energy, you clean it and all your happy animals come in and erase all the negativity, which it what we have already done," said Peck.

Marlowe, who owns the property, has defaluted on the loan, but Peck said that they are in talks to make the property a permanent stay for her and her animals.

Peck said she hopes the problems that forced her out of her Tehachapi Water Canyon home do not follow her to her new property, but said she does not think they will as she has fully complied with code compliance.

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