Students Celebrate National Cesar Chavez Day

Students Honor The Late Cesar Chavez

More than 600 students gathered Thursday at the National Chavez Center to remember the late Cesar Chavez on his birthday.

Students traveled from Oakland, Fresno and the Los Angeles area to celebrate the life of the civil rights activist.

"A lot of our family, a lot of our relatives and friends' relatives work in the fields, and for him just to help us in a great way like that, just to help our relatives; it shows us that we want to find our roots," said Cesar Chavez High School student Febizza Obar.

"I think of him as a great role model for us. We see the good things he did for the farm workers and for our parents who used to struggle back then," Nueva Vista Language Academy student Gerardo Martinez.

Many honored his efforts by performing a day of service, cleaning up the land, pulling weeds, planting gardens and painting the facility that became his personal refuge and spiritual harbor.

Thursday would have been Chavez's 84th birthday and his son, Paul, was also at hand to celebrate this special day.

"We are humbled by all the different commemorations and the heartfelt dedications that have been celebrated up and down the state," said Paul Chavez, president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation.

The National Chavez Center is the 187-acre facility in Keene, where Chavez lived and worked the last 22 years of his life after moving from Delano in 1971.

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