New Police Reports Shed New Light On Child's Death

Deputies Say Mom Admitted To Not Protecting Her Daughter

23ABC has just obtained copies of the police report involving the death of a 3-year-old Taft girl.

The girl died in January, and her mother’s live-in boyfriend was arrested and charged with murder. Then, weeks later, the girls mom, Angela Hanna, was arrested and charged with murder, as well.

After Hanna was arrested, there were questions about what exactly led to her arrest. Now, newly released court documents offer some answers.

Trinity Hanna, 3, died in late January. The coroner ruled the cause of death as blunt-force trauma to the head and stomach.

The police reports show the coroner found multiple lacerations, including one in her stomach. The report says she also had a ruptured bowel.

The autopsy also noted a 10-centimeter-long fracture in Trinity's skull and said her brain was severely swollen.

The new reports show the mom's live-in boyfriend had been accused of throwing another girlfriend’s child to the floor in 2008. That case was dropped by the district attorney's office.

The reports say Angela Hanna was interviewed by Child Protective Services after Trinity got second-degree burns in the shower in late December.

Angela Hanna told deputies Child Protective Services found her house clean and fit for a child. Hanna also told deputies the CPS worker told her it was obvious she loved her daughter, and CPS closed the case.

That was less than one month before Trinity died.

Deputies said that during her interview, Angela Hanna admitted she had not protected her daughter from her boyfriend.

Angela Hanna faces second-degree murder charges in the case. Her live-in boyfriend, Eric Foster, faces first-degree murder charges.

Prosecutors also said Foster tortured Trinity and molested her. All of that makes him eligible for the death penalty.

To look at all the reports, click on the link.

Police Report From Toddler's Death (*warning graphic details*)

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