Rubio To LPUD President: Resolve Sewage Water Issue Now

Senator Michael J. Rubio (D – Shafter) today called on Lamont Public Utility District (LPUD) President Jose Cruz to immediately work with Kern County Planning Department staff to accept and implement an alternative plan for the approximately one million gallons of sewage water that had previously been sent to Community Recycling daily.

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  • After many years of ongoing land use and safety violations—as well as the recent tragic deaths of two young brothers, Armando Ramirez and Eladio Ramirez, while cleaning an underground drainage tunnel—the Kern County Board of Supervisors last week revoked Community Recycling’s operating permit and fined the company $2.3 million. Unfortunately, sewage water had before gone to the Community Recycling facility outside of Arvin and the LPUD President and its Board must find an alternative.

    “An entire week has now passed since the Board of Supervisors shut down Community Recycling. LPUD President Jose Cruz must take action and resolve this time sensitive public health issue,” Senator Rubio said. “The days of Community Recycling holding us hostage are now over. The LPUD cannot hold the community hostage by stalling and delaying finding an alternative for the prompt and proper disposition of the sewage water from its own ratepayers. LPUD President Cruz was elected by the Lamont community to be a leader. I am hopeful that Mr. Cruz meets the challenge immediately by exhibiting the leadership that his community deserves.”

    From The Office Of Senator Michael Rubio

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