Pit Bull Attack Has Family Living In Fear

Mother Fears Child's Safety After Pit Bulls Killed Family Dog

Alisha Billington filmed her 2-year-old daughter hunting for Easter eggs Easter Sunday in their back yard. Little did Billington know, a half hour after the Easter egg hunt, she was going to lose a member of her family.

"We sat down to watch a movie and we heard barking in our back yard," said Billington.

Alisha and her husband went to check out what was going on and found two of her neighbor's pit bulls attacking their dog, Dallas. That's when Billington said the dogs turned on her husband.

"They charged at him like they were trying to attack him," said Billington.

The couple and their other dog, Sadie, made it back inside the home safe but Dallas did not.

"I just came in completely distraught, he was a part of the family," said Billington.

The dogs had busted through Billington's next door neighbor's fence, then through hers.

"They didn't just bust through the fence, they broke the boards in half. That's how determined they were to get into my yard," said Billington.

Billington said what scares her the most, it could have been her daughter.

"She was just right there, that's where the majority of eggs were hidden, and she could have been the one," said Billington.

A city animal control officer was called out but Billington said she was told because it was the dog's first offense and a human was not attacked, not much could be done.

If an animal is killed or injured on its property, then a report is done and is filed for 36 months pending some subsequent incident," said Tammy Davis, supervisor for Bakersfield City Animal Control.

That second incident didn't take long. The dogs broke through the fence again Thursday night.

Luckily nothing happened but Davis said the owner surrendered one of the dogs to animal control.

"If another incident happens, that would be probably grounds for an administrative hearing," said Davis.

But Billington said she fears for a next time.

"They are not safe, and not only for my dog but because they were after human beings. They could get into any yard and kill a little kid," said Billington.

The family who owns the dogs could not be reached for comment. 23 ABC heard a woman talking to the dogs in the back yard but when reporter Erin Briscoe went to the home, a child answered and said her mom was not there.

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