Former Denver Broncos player Peyton Hillis goes from hunting to Monday Night Football

NEW YORK - A former Broncos fan favorite went from hunting to Monday Night Football in just a few days time.

Peyton Hillis, now a New York Giant, had 81 yards and a touchdown in the Giants' 23-7 win over the Vikings Monday night.

Hillis was released from the Buccaneers September 21.  He told the NY Daily News he had been hunting when he got the call to come play football again.

"I was at home on my ranch in Tennessee hunting every day and not working out, and then you get a call," he told the newspaper. "I remember going through my workout and felt like I was out of gas and about to pass out."

Hillis signed with the Giants last Wednesday and played just six days later.

"I went out and was like I'm going to give it all I can and see what happens," Hillis told ESPN. "I felt that I did OK."

ESPN said despite having less than a week to prepare, Hillis started and received the majority of the carries. In the third quarter, he scored his first touchdown since Dec. 2, 2012.

Hillis was drafted by the Broncos in 2008. He played two years for the Broncos, then two years for the Cleveland Browns, then one season with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was playing for the Bucs when he was released last month.

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